Beyond whitening

Beyond whitening
Brighter smile in only 30 minutes!
10 reasons for bleaching your teeth through Beyond Command:
  Removes food waste in your teeth
 Professional laser bleaching which allows the disappearance in a minute all coffee, smoking, red wine stains or other accumulated food throughout the time.
  1. Helps to quit smoking
Do you want to quit smoking? Bleach your teeth to motivate yourself in the first step towards success.
  1. It assures a perfect smile on your wedding day.
Are you getting married?  The proof of our work is the perfect smile that you and your family will see at that special day and the innumerable photos you will be able to take.
  1. Good impression on your work.
You will have the security of a victorious smile and the ability to make a good impression on your job or work interview.
  1. You will be assured of a successful treatment.
By using this type of treatment for teeth bleaching you will be assured for the quality of the products used and the success of the treatment.
  1. Whiter teeth
Throughout the years teeth become yellow and lose their brightness. With the professional bleaching method they retake the original color and the result is immediate.
  1. You will have a cured image.
 Even though your teeth don’t have visible stains, only through  two sessions they will have the Hollywood smile bleaching.
  1. Based on international standards of hygiene
Bleaching device is one usable, so you will have the safety and professional treatment for your health.
  1. Your benefits by a personalized treatment
You will have the assurance of an efficient treatment. Before the start of the process, you will consult the doctor on treatments and the number of sessions necessary for the bleaching.
  1. 10-year youth effect
A bleaching smile will grow your confidence based on the level of attraction.

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