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Why should you choose “Mat Dental”?

  • Excellent reputation and long experience

    “Mat Dental” clinic is one of the most serious clinics with a broad reputation that operates in Albania for 25 years. We take responsibility for our work and that is why we guarantee our service for at least 5 years.
  • Quality sets us apart from others!

    “Mat dental” consists of nationally celebrated doctors. The majority of medical staff has carried out specializations in different countries of the world. There are 8 doctors who have completed postgraduate studies in the following specialties: Prosthesis, Orthodontic Surgery, Radiology Therapy, etc. There are more than 12 other support staff members, consisting of helpers, medical assistants, laboratory technicians, and so on.
  • Cutting-edge Technology

    “Mat Dental” is an avant-garde clinic that provides service innovations so that patients have a pleasing smile painlessly.
  • All service in one place

    All services are carried out within our modern clinic, saving the patient’s time and money. Mat Dental Clinic offers 360 degree service, covering the entire spectrum of dental services, as well as providing innovative services and techniques, which are presented for the first time to the Albanian patient. Maximum care is our obligation to every patient!

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