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Mat Dental is a dental polyclinic founded in 1994 by the well-known dentist Dr. Sali Kurti. Due to his professionalism and high quality service, Dr. Sali Kurti is honored with  various prizes and national appraisals, such is the title: “Grand Master” accorded by the president of Republic, Bujar Nishani (2017). The vision and professionalism of Dr. Sali Kurti as a doctor and dental director have turned “Mat Dental” into one of the biggest dental centers in Tirana. The recruitment of the medical staff, in and out of Albania, has created the tradition of the elite service not only for Tirana’s citizens, but from all over Albania, who come deliberately to entrust their health to “Mat dental”.
Mat Dental aims mainly assuring the highest standards of dental care for its patients. Based on that, our clinic offers complex dental services and treats all mouth illnesses. This service is available through the technology and contemporary equipment the clinic owns but also thanks to the professionalism and work quality offered by the experienced medical staff of this clinic.

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